Beneath The Surface – Available Now

I am very pleased to announce that Beneath The Surface has been released and is available through Smashwords and Amazon.

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Extract from The Westerly
6th of November 2018

Tragedy Strikes the Red Hill Mining Company

The Red Hill Mining Company is once again at the center of controversy, with the latest in a long series of unfortunate incidences thrusting the company back into the spotlight.

On the 5th of November the body of a long term employee was discovered on site.  The body of the individual, whose identity is currently being suppressed, was discovered at the conclusion of the night shift.

Company Representative, Ben Roberts, stated that the company had passed on their condolences to the family.

Authorities have advised that there are no suspicious circumstances and the coroner’s findings will be released pending the mandatory drug and alcohol results.

If you or someone you know is experiencing depression contact your local medical services for assistance.

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Released Today

I am very pleased to announce that the final chapter of the Daddy’s Angels series is available now from Smashwords.


Monica had spent her entire life in a privileged position but now she finds herself caught in the plans of a demon. She’s been kidnapped and her only hope is two losers, but she has one advantage, for some reason she can write in the Book of Time.

Now it is up to her to not only orchestra her own rescue but to also foil the plans of the demon who kidnapped her and prevent him from murdering the devil and all she has to sustain her is one packet of biscuits.

Life is hard when you’re a teenager.

Daddy’s Angels – Cordelia
Daddy’s Angels – Jessica
Daddy’s Angels – Monica