Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #124

124 South Australia
South Australia

So this week we’re meant to do a comparison between now and then because our lives have changed so much … but have they really?

The sun still rises and sets, the rain still falls from the heavens, we still eat and sleep.

Yes there has been change but in essence everything is still the same.  We still laugh, love, learn and perhaps this is an opportunity not to lament what has changed but rejoice in the fact that right at the core, everything has remained the same.

124 Zimbabwe

Lens-Artists Challenge #124 – Now and Then

© Deb Whittam 2020

The A Mused Poetry Contest 11/14 – 12/11/2020


Ho, ho, ho, it’s Christmas yet again,
But in line with new protocols,
I’m implementing social distancing.

Split shifts on the Christmas line,
One and a half reindeers apart please,
Hey Elf one, was that a sneeze?

And ensure you use hand sanitizer,
Yes Dasher, on arrival and after breaks,
It’s vital, for heavens sakes.

And Elves no sharing tools, no sharing anything,
And if you’re feeling ill at all,
Please don’t come in and please toss tissues in the bin.

What?  Recompense for lost shifts?
Please, who do you think I am?
If you want to negotiate, Santa just ain’t in.

The A Mused Poetry Contest 11/14 – 12/11/2020

© Deb Whittam 2020