June – A Month Of Motion – 20/6

20th June 2018

Barossa Wine Train

National Railway Museum


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Friday Fictioneers – 15/06/18




They had travelled far to reach this location and it was perfect – a billabong outside the door, birds calling in the trees, and an old barge adding mystery to the scene.  They had enjoyed the view but had to hurry to set up, the light didn’t last long when you were camping.

She had set up the gas cooker – leaving it for a moment as she went inside for the utensils – but she had never made it back outside.

For she was a prison in her caravan, through the window’s mesh beady eyed birds waited patiently.

Friday Fictioneers 15/06/18

Deb’s Tuesday Captions

Hey everyone – thanks to all who are participating in Tuesday’s Captions – please feel free to join the fun.  It’s pretty easy – just come up with a caption and post it in the comments below.

Here’s this weeks photo –


Now this yoga pose I call the llama bendy neck, now you try.

And thank you to all who participated last week:


I wonder if children taste nice dipped in butter

Chris from Potatoes and the Promise of More Potatoes – “Yeah, I know I’m a carnivore… but, every once in a while, I just want to scavenge something…”

V J Knutson from One Woman’s Quest – “Seriously, humans call this entertainment? If they knew what I was really thinking…now that’s would be amusing.”

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