Daddy’s Angels

Cordelia had problems – she was an outsider at high school, she was continuously on detention and this was only the start, for now something was targeting her and she was starting to get a little fed up.

That was alright though, Father was always available to help … sort of.

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If she was going to be truthful, she would concede that some of her decisions had been questionable – like raising a zombie – it probably wasn’t the best move but a girl’s allowed to make mistakes, isn’t she? Then there were the expectations of those who knew who her Father was.

Jessica was just finding out that there was a downside to being Daddy’s Angel.

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Monica had spent her entire life in a privileged position but now she finds herself caught in the plans of a demon.

Now it is up to her to not only orchestra her own rescue but to also foil the plans of the demon and prevent him from murdering the devil and all she has to sustain her is one packet of biscuits.

Life is hard when you’re a teenager.

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