Cee’s Black & White Challenge

Well everyone knows how much I like to take photos of animals – but which ones to use???



Cee’s Black & White Challenge

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Weekly Photo – defence

While I would love someone to take over the weekly photo challenge in the interim I thought I would do a photo of my own to encapsulate a word and this week I chose


If you want to play along, feel welcome.



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50 Word Thursday #6

Hi All,

Please find below this week’s picture and quote prompts.

The prompt will appear at high noon on Thursday and close high noon Wednesday. (This will be Australian time)

So here’s the rules if you wish to partcipate –

1 Completed piece must be in mutiples of 50 words – maximum of 250 words. Anything is acceptable – poetry, story, anecdote.

2 There will be a photo and a random phrase that I will take from the current book I am reading – you can use either or both

3 Please pingback and tag 50 word Thursday, so I can do a summary on the Thursday morning.  You can either put your piece in the comments on this post or do a post of your own.

Love to have you participate and here is this week’s photo and phrase prompt.


“At last, the relative had left and – as with most promised things in life – there was no soaring joy accompanying the event.”

From Ed McBain’s Give the Boys a Great Big Hand


Here’s my attempt for this week:

She had looked forward to the moment when she finally closed the door behind the last of them.  She had believed that being alone in the house would be soothing … that it was them who had worn her nerves and caused her short temper, but now they were finally gone the house seemed too dark, the rooms too cold and too quiet.  Hurriedly she lit the lamps before drawing forth a book.  She never got to open it though for there was a knock at the front door and with a sigh she rushed to see who had left what behind.

As she reached for the handle she paused, suddenly sure that this visitor wasn’t going to be to her liking.

“Hey Jean,” Her brother smiled, as he stepped through the doorway, “I need a place to stay, the cops are after me.”

Why couldn’t you choose your relatives?


Thank you to all who participated last week.  I think its amazing how creative everyone is getting with the prompts.  Have a look at the list below.

Tales from the mind of Kristian – 50 Word Thursday #5 – A New Society

Paeansunpluggedblog – Crash Land

Michael from Morpethroad – 50 Word Thursday #5 – Failed Dreams


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If you are looking for a challenge to participate in Cee has put a list up on her blog, which can be accessed here.

How short is too short?

Hi All,

First of all let me say I got an email about this challenge – I’ll put the link at the bottom in case you want to enter but I thought lets do it on WordPress too.

Today (21st of June) is the shortest day of the year in Australia – so how about a micro challenge.

If you care to take part post in the comments your short story of no more than 21 words and featuring the word short and day.

You can enter the actual competition here



Saturday Mix



As I don my sneakers I eye you with discontent – we are about to embark on another walk but for you this is just an opportunity to play.

You do not understand, nor comprehend that my purpose on this planet is not to scrub you clean.

As soon as we leave this place and head to the waters edge, you have no common sense for all that you perceive is the mallard and you give chase.

I pray to the heavens that you will come back clean, but I should not waste my breath, it’s never to be.

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Saturday Mix – Same Same But Different, 16 June 2018