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March 23rd

The Berry Pretty Shot

SS Plant7

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I can’t help wondering

When I am considering submitting something I’ve written I go through a pretty strigent process:

First I check that what I have written is suitable for the site – everyone’s writing is different and there is nothing worse than wasting your time and the site’s time by submitting something which is inappropriate

If this looks ok then I check to ensure my piece meets the basic criteria – length, style, format etc.

Finally I go and read their submission criteria and last week it was this which stopped me from submitting my work and this is the point of discussion of this blog.

Their site stated:

If pieces are about queer people and/or people of colour, it is preferable if these pieces are written by queer people and/or people of colour. In a better world it wouldn’t need to be said, but yes, we welcome trans perspectives.

Now I have no real problem with that but I think most of us will admit that a wrtier is limited only by the scope of their imagination – that is why it is referred to as fiction.

So lets take this stance to the extreme – if I can only write about what I have direct experience about I’m probably fortunate – my life has had more than its fair share of disasters but what famous books wouldn’t be around now – let’s consider that one.


Watership Downs – I’m kind of betting that Richard Adams had never been a rabbit or interviewed rabbits for their insights

Frankenstein – There is supposition that Frankenstein was based on the experiences of Mary Shelley but I’m pretty sure they didn’t include creating a creature from dismembered corpses

Something more recent perhaps

The Twilight Series – If Stephenie Meyer had relationships with vampires I am pretty sure we would have heard about it.

Now I am sure that there will be arguments that these texts don’t stumble on the unstable ground of political correctness but that isn’t really my point.  My point is that by limiting creativity are we not limiting freedom of speech?  I know that personally I don’t write from the POV of either a person of colour or trans perspective, but I do often write from a male POV.

Is this allowable?

Be really interested in hearing your point of view

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Twenty Four Archives

north richmond street

North Richmond Street
		being blind,
was a quiet street …
at the hour when death struck.
	Then it altered in an instance.
		He could still remember.

                        His back against the tall oak tree,
		                         intense disagreement, 
                        then a shout quickly …
                        Curiosity aroused, he looks up.
	                     North Richmond Street was not known for
               George taps his arm,
	                  points towards two women,
               heads bowed
	                  close …
               Their agitated glances
	            following the endless row of
		          terrace houses.

One turns, scurrying away,
The other crouches on the porch
		of the priests house.
Pale and flustered,
	fingers working her rosary

                       George rises to his feet, a slight smile
		                      stretching thin lips …
                       watching the scene
                       The frantic woman,
	                     whose pained glances
		                      suggest ….

                               Before the thought is fully
                               George pulls him upright, features lit 
		                              by that inner 
                               bedevilment, that only a boy from
		                       Christian Brothers,
			                      could muster.

     They approach her
		  steps slow,
     confidence rising as they
		  draw near.
     With marked humility George removes his hat.
            Eyes open wide,
	          innocence incarnate.
                                       She noticed them then,
		                                  she turns,
                                       perplexed by the two figures
		                                  garbed in dull blue.
                                       She rocks back on her heels,
                                            astonished or aghast.
	                                          He cannot decide.

                George gives her no chance,
		               no option.
                Did she need a priest?
		               Her features blanch but
                he is quick witted.
		       Does the priest need a priest?
			       She gasps her shock.

George does not awaited 
            her reply.
Flying up the street as if the devil
            pursues him.
He is not so luck
      collar caught,
	    his heart sinks.

                             Two eyes peering at him,
		                          What you up to boy?
                             His Father was not 
                             that day when North Richmond Street, 
		                being blind, was not a quiet street 
			                  ... at all.