42 Words #42

Hi All,

This week Charles has gone for number 42, the very last choice on the list and I suspect, for some, it might bring a little angst but before we stroll down that avenue lets recap Astrid selection which had us all dwelling in the land of ROMANCE …

Rugby43 from The Bag Lady

Rhen from Breathing Shallow Poetry

Sadje from Keep It Alive

Caramel from Learner at Love

Paula from Light Motif II

Jenna from Raspberry Ripples

So, last week we were all sighs, love and laughter but with Charles selecting I just knew it wasn’t going to continue, so what dark road has Charles steered us towards you’re querying, well grab hold of an uninfected friend for we’re entering the world of


Now I suspect there may be a few people who are hesitant to wander down this path but when you think about it, its only 42 words and I’m sure you can come up with an idea or two.

It doesn’t have to be the zombie apocalypse, perhaps someone becomes a zombie after a hard week at work, perhaps its a song, a street name, or even a chicken dance.  You get my drift here, let the imagination flow and see when it takes you.

Anyway, I’m estatic that Jenna over at Raspberry Ripples has chosen number 13 for next week but we need to keep them coming folks, so lets post them in the comments please and stop me stressing.

8 9 GONE GONE 12 13 GONE
15 16 GONE GONE 19 20 GONE
29 30 31 GONE GONE 34 35

Here’s my take on this week’s prompt:

The proclamation of one of the newly baptized.

I thought I was having one,
Instead I was blessed with two.
Diapers, bottles, bibs everywhere,
What’s a girl to do?
Wash the clothes, boil water,
How could this be?
In all honesty I think,
Motherhood’s made a zombie out of me.


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© Deb Whittam 2020

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Deb Whittam

With a keen interest in travel, photography, sports and writing I hope to encourage discussions on how culture has impacted on society in the 21st Century.

28 thoughts on “42 Words #42”

  1. The time that word used to always come to mind was early on Sunday mornings when I was on the Northern line. People on the tube would be falling asleep or staring into space. I think they had done night shifts. They looked half dead.

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      1. I think it’s just that I don’t take my talent very seriously…I enjoy writing, but I don’t expect every piece to be brilliant…or liked by others 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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