Pick A Word – 1st Edition & MMA Storytime #33


Something which always fascinated me was the Rabbit Proof Fence and when we travelled to Western Australia I took this photo.  Spanning  a total of 3,256 km, the three fences were completed in 1907 and took 6 years to construct and yes, as evident from above, it is still standing.


The pair had initially been a bit perturbed when they stumbled upon it but now Todd was extolling its virtues at the top of his lungs, though his enthusiasm was being met by a stony silence from Stacey.

“Serious Stace best thing that could have happened, predators that side, us this side.  I mean did they know our need?”

“Uh huh,” Came the laconic response as Stacey moved closer to it, “Think about it Todd, who exactly is it keeping out?”  In the resulting silence they considered the grasslands the other side, “Us Todd, that’s who.”

“A rabbit proof fence?”

100 Word Flash Fiction Challenge #33

Pick a Word – 2020 – Span

© Deb Whittam 2020

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Deb Whittam

With a keen interest in travel, photography, sports and writing I hope to encourage discussions on how culture has impacted on society in the 21st Century.

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