42 Words #14

Hi All,

Before we go reveal the topic that H.S. Monroe from WriteFunnyDramaTrue with her selection of number 14 let’s all take a trip down memory road and visit the alternative world of Steampunk.  With the fantastical inventions of today powered by steam and perhaps you are wondering where we ended up landing.  Well, wait no longer for here are the submissions from last week…

Kristian from Tales From The Mind of Kristian

Charles from Potatoes and the Promise of More Potatoes

So last week the theme was pretty narrow and perhaps that accounts for the limited uptake but this week you have no excuse for this theme is a broad as an elephant’s behind (And Charles given the topic, your participation is compulsory) so what theme has been selected well, bring on your inner comedian for we are entering into the dimension of ….


What type of humor?  Does it have to be funny?  What should it be about?

Seriously I’m going give you all an open slather.  ANYTHING.  ANYTHING.  ANYTHING.

The only obstacle, 42 words.

Now I thought I you might be wondering why I ask for you all to pick a number each week, well its really simple really.

I have a list of the themes but if I selected the number we would do all my favorites and then I would be stuck.  This way its as much a surprise to me as it is to you, as I don’t look until I go to set up the weekly post.

So it would be really nice if I could have a selection or two.

8 9 GONE GONE 12 13 GONE
15 16 GONE GONE 19 20 GONE
GONE 23 24 25 26 27 GONE
29 30 31 GONE GONE 34 35
36 GONE 38 39 GONE 41 42

Here’s my take on this week’s prompt:

The alternatives were thin but imaginative.

Marj had been in a good humor until her Mother arrived.  It wasn’t the fact that she was berated for not marrying, that she’ld live with.

It was when Mother offered Bozo the clown as husband material, then it went downhill rapidly.


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Deb Whittam

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24 thoughts on “42 Words #14”

  1. This is hilarious, Deb! Oh gosh, I needed a laugh 🙂 Maybe I can come up with something for you–oh, by the way, my blog is now Private, so if I bring you a link you’ll have to follow the WP instructions to gain access. I know, it’s a pain…but so were the daily spammers I was getting, arrgghh!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. There are 2 options: you can click on my blog as usual, and the WP easy directions are there; or you can give me your email and I’ll try that 🙂


  2. “It’s not funny, Bob!” Sue steamed, her elbow held firmly in her hand.
    “I beg to differ.”
    After clotheslining her rival trying to catch the bouquet, she was embarrassed.
    “My elbow hit her chin.”
    “Isn’t that why it’s called the funny bone?”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Deb–keeping you on your toes, sorry 🙂 Rhen has moved to this blog, which is NOT Private. Now I have a question regarding the prompt: does it include the statement, “The alternatives were thin…” or is that only part of your take on it? Thanks in advance 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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