42 Words #37

Hi All,

This week Dave did the honours of picking the number for our next 42 word challenge and he chose 37 – which in all honesty will perhaps require a bit of imagination in the circumstances, but before we enter that dimension let us first review last weeks view of DAMES.

As I mentioned, there were plenty of alternatives with this one and we did venture in a number of directions.

Dave from MMA Storytime

Sadje from Keep It Alive

Joem18b from Does Writing Excuse Watching

Thanks to all who took the challenge but now its time for the huge reveal and I use huge for a purpose as the topic this week is …


So the question is where will you venture.  Local, overseas of intergallatic?  Will it be a huge disaster or the trip of a lifetime?  Well its up to you to decide but brevity is the key for 42 words is the length of this trip.

Charles has already done the honor of picking a number for next week but I am always pleased if someone wants to get ahead of the game.  So, if you desire put your choice in the comments … we still have loads of options to go.

8 9 10 GONE 12 13 14
15 16 17 GONE 19 20 21
GONE 23 24 25 26 27 GONE
29 30 31 32 GONE 34 35
36 GONE 38 39 40 41 42

Here’s my take on this week’s prompt:

The decision was all in the tilt of her lips

Travel had altered significantly since the pandemic and he couldn’t help thinking it wasn’t for the better, “Do you think you should?”

“Someone needs to solve this mystery.”

Dora stated climbing through the frame of the Mona Lisa with a determined scowl.


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Deb Whittam

With a keen interest in travel, photography, sports and writing I hope to encourage discussions on how culture has impacted on society in the 21st Century.

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