The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest – Elergy

I won, I won, I won the terrible poetry contest this week. If you missed it check out all the entries here.


i got you out when it
was darker than the darkest
night, when the silence
wasn’t golden, it was burnt
like toast forgotten in the
toaster, when all stared at me
not perplexed, kind of,
mean, if you know what I mean,
mean like Mexican bean beans.

it was you that brought
sunlight to my life, that made me
feel accepted and perhaps
even like liked
it was you who made others
smile, not that kind of smile
when they are placating you,
but that kind of smile when they
think what you said was actually
a little bit funny

where are you now, where could
you be hiding … in a suitcase perhaps
perhaps, then it was the best
of times, but now it is the worst
of times, for you, I miss you oh
sense of humor who stood by me when
I couldn’t think of what to say but,
now you are gone, gone as in absent, perhaps
forever, forever, ever

Ok, the first person to guess and post in the comment what this is an elergy to will feature in the next terrible poem (I can almost hear the envy)

PS – Thanks to Chuck Dickens for the quote

© Deb Whittam 2019

The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest