Ten things you shouldn’t say to the bride on her wedding day

My friend Charles from Potatoes and the promise of More Potatoes is taking a wee break from posting over the next few days and because I admire his work so much I thought I would try some imitation.  (It’s the best form of flattery you know)

I expect this isn’t going to be very funny, but here we go.



I didn’t know this was a muppets themed wedding


Are you allowed to wear white?


Was that you I saw sneaking out of the best man’s hotel room?


Did your daddy need to use the shotgun?


Were there no flights left to Las Vegas?


I didn’t know tacky was the new wedding trend?


Appearance isn’t that important, your wedding photos could always be used to advertise funerals


Was I meant to bring a gift or a condolence card?


Well perhaps he did marry you for money but at least it wasn’t for your personality?


I’m sorry, I didn’t realize this was a happy occassion.


© 2018 Deborah Whittam

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4 thoughts on “Ten things you shouldn’t say to the bride on her wedding day

  1. Nice work, Deb. And, thank you so much for thinking of me. I was pretty down when I got back and just wanted to take a taxi home from the train station; but, one of the buses I normally take was parked at the stop and the driver was waving at me and making faces. Turned out to be the morning driver. I added a mile to my walk home with a full suitcase, but it was worth it to see someone who knew me…

    And, that’s how this article makes me feel.

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