What The???

What is What The???   Well in Australia we had a TV show compared by a gentleman called Rove McManus and on his show he had a section called What The?

It was a bit of a hodge podge but the general theme was the items that appeared made you do the quick double take and query What The????

With Cee discontinuing OddBall I thought I would start something based on Rove’s concept.  So my What The??? will be anything I locate which makes me scratch my head in confusion – news stories, photos even strange adverts.

Feel free to join in if your interested.



So, this week’s What The??? revolves around the picture at the top of the blog, which we took near Boyup Brook in Western Australia.  This lovely little campsite was beside a river and I will admit that when I saw this stuff floating on the surface I thought it was the result of chemicals – well close, but no.


Imagine my surprise when I realized it was Frog Sprog.  Yep, as the informative notice announced this foaming mass is produced by the females, who beat their legs against the water to produce a foam nest.  Then they lay their eggs in it, which are in turn fertilized by the males.


Lovely to see nature in action but it is the last picture that gets me – All that stuff is frog sprog.  What The???


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north richmond street

North Richmond Street
		being blind,
was a quiet street …
at the hour when death struck.
	Then it altered in an instance.
		He could still remember.

                        His back against the tall oak tree,
		                         intense disagreement, 
                        then a shout quickly …
                        Curiosity aroused, he looks up.
	                     North Richmond Street was not known for
               George taps his arm,
	                  points towards two women,
               heads bowed
	                  close …
               Their agitated glances
	            following the endless row of
		          terrace houses.

One turns, scurrying away,
The other crouches on the porch
		of the priests house.
Pale and flustered,
	fingers working her rosary

                       George rises to his feet, a slight smile
		                      stretching thin lips …
                       watching the scene
                       The frantic woman,
	                     whose pained glances
		                      suggest ….

                               Before the thought is fully
                               George pulls him upright, features lit 
		                              by that inner 
                               bedevilment, that only a boy from
		                       Christian Brothers,
			                      could muster.

     They approach her
		  steps slow,
     confidence rising as they
		  draw near.
     With marked humility George removes his hat.
            Eyes open wide,
	          innocence incarnate.
                                       She noticed them then,
		                                  she turns,
                                       perplexed by the two figures
		                                  garbed in dull blue.
                                       She rocks back on her heels,
                                            astonished or aghast.
	                                          He cannot decide.

                George gives her no chance,
		               no option.
                Did she need a priest?
		               Her features blanch but
                he is quick witted.
		       Does the priest need a priest?
			       She gasps her shock.

George does not awaited 
            her reply.
Flying up the street as if the devil
            pursues him.
He is not so luck
      collar caught,
	    his heart sinks.

                             Two eyes peering at him,
		                          What you up to boy?
                             His Father was not 
                             that day when North Richmond Street, 
		                being blind, was not a quiet street 
			                  ... at all.

WPC – Sweet … as

So I thought given the amount of responses this prompt will get that I would alter it a bit so lets look at this term instead –

Sweet as – someting is rather good instead of just “good” or “OK”.

So here as some “sweet as” photos from our recent trip to Cairns.

Hope you enjoy



© 2018 Deborah Whittam

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50 Word Thursday #20

Hi All,

Please find below this week’s picture and quote prompts.

The prompt will appear at high noon on Thursday and close high noon Wednesday. (This will be Australian time)

So here’s the rules if you wish to participate –

1 Completed piece must be in multiples of 50 words – maximum of 250 words. Anything is acceptable – poetry, story, anecdote.

2 There will be a photo and a random phrase that I will take from the current book I am reading – you can use either or both

3 Please pingback and tag 50 word Thursday, so I can do a summary on the Thursday morning.  You can either put your piece in the comments on this post or do a post of your own.

Love to have you participate and here is this week’s photo and phrase prompt.


“As the train pulled into Gare du Nord two days later, Ambler felt a wave of nostalgia.”

Robert Ludlum’s The Ambler Warning.

Here’s my attempt for the week:

They say you can never return
They say you can never go back
But memories are the encore to your life
They are the reminder of what you had.

Let nostalgia be with you
Every step of the way
Don’t let others tell you
To let the past slip away.

Thanks to everyone who participated last week, I think the photo was a popular choice from your comments.


“So the murdered man was a dinosaur prospector.”

Douglas Preston’s Tyrannosaur Canyon

The Dark Netizen – Flash Fiction: Cave Trip

Tales from the mind of Kristian – 50 Word Thursday #19 – The Last Dinosaur.

VJ Knutson from One Woman’s Quest – Slippery


© 2018 Deborah Whittam

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Deb’s Tuesday Captions

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the wonderful responses last week, I wonder what you will make of this one.


I tell you fellas it ain’t right, who ever heard of a female leader of the pack!!!

And here’s last weeks captions:


Yes, yes it is definitely the scent of that rare creature – known as the keeper

Tammy from God Inspired Art & Quotes – “Yep, its water! All clear guys, all clear.”

V.J. Knutson from One Woman’s Quest – “Doesn’t matter how sneaky I try to be, this dang tail gives me away every time.”

Michael from Morpethroad – “I dropped a ring!”

ArtisanX from Proscenium – “Mmmhmm… Gonna get me some tail.” and “Down Periscope.”

© 2018 Deborah Whittam

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Chasing the Sun – Crossing the Nullabour

Hi All,

Well we have embarked on our travels again and this time we are heading to Western Australia, which involves one of those rights of passage – crossing the Nullabour plains.  Now I will be honest here, I got it all wrong.  I thought that once we entered into Western Australia we had achieved that feat, but that is incorrect.  The Nullabour Plains stretches for the caravanner from Ceduna to Norseman a distance of 1198 km and I will state right now it is not the most exciting drive.

So, I will let you guess what our major expenditure was this week – you got it – fuel.  Prices varied between $149.90/litre to $2.05/litre, so it was an expensive haul but we made it and we managed to do it without running out enroute thanks to fuel cans.  Along this stretch there is no water, no grocery stores and not too much in the way of scenery but there are some really nice camping spots maintained by the councils and lots of friendly faces who wave as you drive by.

Anyway, here’s the expenditure this week:

Fuel:                     $615.59

Groceries:           $  85.48

Camp Fees:

Gas:                      $  29.00


We will be heading down to Esperance next week and following the coast.

Here’s some photos from the trip so far.


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[I AM]

I am a built construct
which can’t tolerate strain
I am an opinion
with an illusionary foundation
I am a product of self
without any basis in reason
I am beyond your control
though you fight to protect me
I am a vulnerability
here one moment then gone
I am reputation
destroyed in an instant