WPC – Lines


A line of concrete pillars – practical


A red panda walking the line of a branch – cute


A line of lost thongs – Australian

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Deb’s Tuesday Captions

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Seriously … there is more, isn’t there?



Two can play at that game

Last weeks participants below


Masercot – “The top one looks like a scene from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Playful                       Orangutan…”


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Deb’s Tuesday Captions

Thanks to the participants from last week – hopefully the following image will provide some inspiration

My attempt below:


Home James.

Thanks again to all who participated, see below for last weeks participants


Did you see that?  Where did he get his licence?  Out of a pack of weetbix?

Michael – “Shaving your armpits was dumb mate, using a black texta to pretend you didn’t is dumber.”

masercot – “Looks like the Terra Cotta Low Riders of Qin Shu Huang…”

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a tribute to a pink flamingo

I decided to write this post after relating an event to masercot regarding the flamingos at Adelaide Zoo but it is only now that I have realised how pertinant my post is – for the last flamingo Chile, and one of the victims in the event I am going to relate, was put to sleep on Friday at the age of 60.

If you are interested you can read the story here.

So the related tale I wanted to discuss occured in 2009 when two youths broke into the Adelaide Zoo and beat the flamingos leading to public outrage.  I still recall how upset the public, how upset I was, by the brutal attack but it didn’t really strike home until we revisited the zoo.

Adelaide Zoo’s enclosure for the flamingo’s was designed to allow the birds to interact with the public but after the attack the two males, Greater and Chile, retreated to the rear of the enclosure.  Whether they were afraid and aware of their vunerability or they just had an unexplained fear, we will never know but I found some photos and I thought I would share them in tribute to these majestic birds.


To put this post together I Googled the event and found the related story of what happened to the offenders, which can be read here.

Unfortunantly the offenders went untried for their criminal activites as insufficient proof was available.  I guess we can only hope that they realised the gravity of their actions and repented

So here’s to Chile and all the joy he brought the young and old while residing at Adelaide Zoo.

He will be remembered fondly.

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