WPC – story

There is a story behind every adopted dog and I thought I would share ours.  All three of the dogs featured were adopted from the Moorook Animal Shelter – they are a no destroy shelter and do a wonderful job of finding furever homes.


We adopted Pippa in 2010 and unfortunantly her life hadn’t been pretty.  She was part of three dogs thrown from the back of a ute outside of Moorook.  The owner of Moorook spent two weeks trying to coax them from a drain pipe which led into the Murray River and she was at Moorook for 18 months before we adopted her.

I like to believe that she has forgotten the incident but she still reacts badly to white utes and large men … so


This is Beau and many of you would know that he passed away last year.  We adopted him three months after Pippa and he had been a long term resident – spending two years looking for his furever home.  He was taken to Moorook because he grew to large for his prior family – causing distress for their autistic child.

A very sweet hearted dog he never got over his fear of abandonment and whenever we took him out would panic when we left the car.


We adopted Missy last year after Beau passed because we were looking for company for Pippa who took Beau’s passing very badly.

Missy had been one of three dogs and when her owner’s were advised that they could only have two dogs at their new property they decided the old dog was the best to rehouse.  They kept the puppies.

She is a bit of a larrikin but absolutely terrified of loud noise and the dark.

I like to think that each of our dogs knows that we would never leave them but sometimes when I look in their eyes I still see the fear.

Bit sad really.


© 2018 Deborah Whittam


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