WPC – a face in a crowd

Well since this is inspecific I am going to walk a bit out of the boundary – mainly because I have crowds – but who says it has to be a crowd of people, hey???

And yes I am working on the theory – three’s a crowd


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A Face in the Crowd



I have always found playgrounds a magical place – imagination runs riot – a fairy castle, a pirate’s adventure or perhaps a lost paradise.  When your a child you can envisage anything – it is only as an adults that we allow our imagination to become fettered.

Anyway, here in South Australia we have recently had temperatures in the mid 40’s and this has led to the playgrounds being deserted … so in my early morning walks I have been taking some photos – for I wanted to capture that sense of both expectation and the desolation.

I think that a deserted playground has an atmosphere all of its own and perhaps it will provide inspiration.  If anyone wants to join me in this one – words or images – feel free to pingback.


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WPC – tour guide

I am fully aware that I have taken this one to the extreme – local is not meant to be a road – but in my case it is or rather a dirt track in a rural town where I spent 15 years.

Hope you enjoy


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I spent a lot of time on this road – some of my most significant moments were here and I suppose I think that this is what a tour guide is meant to do – show the significance of the local.

If you are interested the following post details one of my significant moments:

My favourite animal

Tour Guide