Courage – the fuel of your dreams

So this six word Saturday I wanted to share some pictures (slightly embarrassing) when I confronted my fears and drew on my courage to do things I had always dreamt of doing.

They may not be particularly interesting but I had to confront a fear and once I did I felt a real sense of achievement.


This is me suffering terrible seasickness but I did it to be able to take photos of the barrier reef.


This is me on one of my first fun runs – 10 km on Father’s Day – for me this was a real sense of achievement – I was really embarrased but I made the distance – even if I did look terrible


And finally in New Zealand I confronted my biggest fear – heights and went hang gliding. Yes I was terrified but at least I can say I did it.


Though confronting your fears may not make them disappear, it is evidence of your courage and I think we all need this if we are going to achieve our dreams.



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