Flights of Fancy

As you may have gathered by now I took a trip to Zimbabwe a few years ago – it was a wonderful experience and when I think back it still makes me smile and today I wanted to share a particular moment – mainly because of what it states about societies mindset.

So a couple days after our arrival we experienced a downpour, the weather turned chilly and the manager of the establishment was was lamenting his luck.  Rain was a bad sign, the animals all went inland and no longer came down to the river – we would be lucky to see anything but birds for the next couple of days.  In his opinion we were going to be so disappointed.  Now I recognize that he was looking at the issue from a tourism perspective – you come to Zimbabwe to see lions, elephants, giraffes etc – you don’t come to see birds but the tour we went out on the next day proved to be a delight – so here is a selection of some of the great images we got of out fine feathered friends.

I hope you enjoy them.

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