Ascend – so easy for some

To ascend – for some this is so easy – as demonstrated below.


This bird takes flight so effortlessly – it is an instinct to ascend into the heavens – an instinct linked to its survival.

In comparison humans complicate what seems so simple – they endeavour to defy the laws of gravity in a bid to experience the sensation of flight.

1684494But as demonstrated below gravity exists for a reason.

1686812These trees in the Karri Forest in Western Australia can reach heights of 90 metres, standing beside them you feel insignificant – they remind you that your time on this planet is very short.


The spray ascending into the heavens from Victoria Falls

This is probably my favourite picture – it encapsulates everything.  The spray from Victoria Falls rises so far above the planet that it is visible from the airplane on descent. It demonstrates the sheer force of nature – which man can never mimic.


Cheeky – An attitude


4 thoughts on “Ascend – so easy for some

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