The Elephants Go Marching 2 x 2

I love animals and I especially love going to the zoo – everywhere we travel we go to the zoo – on New Year’s Day in 2013 we went to the zoo in Pistoia – we could have gone sightseeing with our tour guide but my partner let me have my way and we wandered round in the freezing cold sympathizing with the animals.

After that year my husband proposed that we go to the world’s biggest zoo – Zimbabwe- and I must admit after seeing the elephants in the wild I had to reconsider the ethics of zoos.  In Adelaide we have a central zoo – and while I love going I look at the caged animals and feel remorse.  The zoo is opening up enclosures and letting the animals mix as they would in the wild (within reason) but you know that this is not the best environment for them.  They also have an open range zoo and their policy now is to rotate the animals so they spend the majority of their time at Monarto – I think this is a good concession but I feel there is still a way to go.  Zoo’s – like all other institutions – have a duty of care towards their charges.

While I am a zoo enthuisast in comparison my mother hates them with a passion.  Her reasons stem from her job – as a preschool teacher for over 30 years she had the yearly task of taking 40 x 4 year olds to the zoo every day for a week.  Even now when we invite her along with her great grandchildren she pales at the thought.

You will find below pictures I have taken of elephants in my travels – I tried to recall where I was at the time – but the memories isn’t as good as it used to be.  While you take a look perhaps consider supporting your local zoo – most are involved with animal conservation and it is my belief that you have to instigate change at a local level for it to be effective.


Auckland Zoo


Pistoia Zoological Gardens


Pistoia Zoological Gardens


Melbourne Zoo


Australia Zoo – Queensland


Adelaide Zoo


Victoria Falls River Lodge


Victoria Falls River Lodge


Victoria Falls River Lodge


Victoria Falls River Lodge


Victoria Falls River Lodge


Enter a caption


Rome Zoological Gardens


Victoria Falls River Lodge


Victoria Falls River Lodge


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