42 Words #37

Hi All,

This week Dave did the honours of picking the number for our next 42 word challenge and he chose 37 – which in all honesty will perhaps require a bit of imagination in the circumstances, but before we enter that dimension let us first review last weeks view of DAMES.

As I mentioned, there were plenty of alternatives with this one and we did venture in a number of directions.

Dave from MMA Storytime

Sadje from Keep It Alive

Joem18b from Does Writing Excuse Watching

Thanks to all who took the challenge but now its time for the huge reveal and I use huge for a purpose as the topic this week is …


So the question is where will you venture.  Local, overseas of intergallatic?  Will it be a huge disaster or the trip of a lifetime?  Well its up to you to decide but brevity is the key for 42 words is the length of this trip.

Charles has already done the honor of picking a number for next week but I am always pleased if someone wants to get ahead of the game.  So, if you desire put your choice in the comments … we still have loads of options to go.

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15 16 17 GONE 19 20 21
GONE 23 24 25 26 27 GONE
29 30 31 32 GONE 34 35
36 GONE 38 39 40 41 42

Here’s my take on this week’s prompt:

The decision was all in the tilt of her lips

Travel had altered significantly since the pandemic and he couldn’t help thinking it wasn’t for the better, “Do you think you should?”

“Someone needs to solve this mystery.”

Dora stated climbing through the frame of the Mona Lisa with a determined scowl.


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50 Word Thursday #80

Hi Everyone,

Another week of 50 Word Thursday is upon us but before we see the prompts lets not forget that you can visit Kristian’s blog for last week’s participants.

Now to the rules:

The Rules:

  • Find the muse within the photo or line provided and follow where it leads. It can be a story, anecdote, poem. Anything!
  • The Story must be between 50 and 250 words, in 50 word increments. (so 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250 words)
  • Link back to this post with the tag 50WordThurs so that everyone can find it, or post your response in the comments below.

I’m looking forward to what these prompts inspire, so here’s the picture:


And the words:

“You don’t need to know what you’re escaping from to become a fugitive.” ― Bella Pollen, Midnight Cactus


© Deb Whittam 2020


Wordle 463

worlle 463

Madeline held her breath, she’d been panicked and overcome with a feeling of dread when she had noticed the silence and crept into the room anticipating disaster but now she could only smile in delight for this was a moment all awaited with eagerness.

Standing in the shadows she watched intently, inhaling as he moved forward.  A part of her wanted to race forward but this might cloud his judgement, so she kept silent and still.

Then a shout from outside ruined the moment and her babe’s first step was gone as he crashed to the floor with a cry.

Wordle 463

© Deb Whittam 2020

50 Word Thursday #79


My orders are clear. Eleven o’clock was the deadline but I knew that I would be late.

She would be furious of course, she was a planner, everything was organized to the last minute, even toilet breaks were scheduled but that just wasn’t me.

I was spontaneous, I liked to explore, to see the world through a different lens and in all honesty I liked to rebel.

Even now as she started to call for me I hunkered down in annoyance.

I mean, I’m a cat, did she seriously expect me to come running … for a vet appointment.

Still time to take the challenge


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42 Words #7

Hi All,

Well this week we are on lucky 7 thanks to Rhen and I think that this one could go a number of ways but before we have the big reveal lets see where we ventured in the ALTERNATE REALITIES realm.

Thanks to all who took the time to participate and I must admit people took many different turns on this theme which was highly appropriate in the circumstances.

Teresa from The Haunted Wordsmith

Charles from Potatoes and the Promise of More Potatoes

Dave from MMA Storytime

Sadje from Keep It Alive

Rugby43 from The Bag Lady

Rhen from Cobbled Contemplations

So, what sits at Lucky 7, well this might be a bit of a surprise but its …


Now this is one broad theme, you can go in so many directions its isn’t funny but for those who might be perplexed the official definition of a dame is as follows:

  1. The official title of a female member of the Order of the British Empire, equivalent to that of a knight.
  2. The official title of the wife of a knight or baronet.
  3. A form of address to any woman of rank or authority.
  4. A matronly woman of advanced age; matron.
  5. A term used to refer to a woman:Some dame cut me off and almost caused an accident.
  6. Ecclesiasticala title of a nun in certain orders.
  7. A mistress of a dame-school.

So you decide where you want to head but remember you only have 42 words.

As always I am on the hunt for next weeks topic, so feel free to pick a number, so we can continue the fun.

8 9 10 GONE 12 13 14
15 16 17 GONE 19 20 21
GONE 23 24 25 26 27 GONE
29 30 31 32 GONE 34 35
36 37 38 39 40 41 42

Here’s my take on this week’s prompt:

Sometimes notoriety is its own calling card

Miss Patty was a hell of a dame, with more spunk than the sputnik.

I recall when the thugs descended on her bar, they wanted protection money.

She sent the first flying with a fabulous right hook.

No one fooled with her.


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Wordle 462

worlle 462

Marty wondered whether he’d ever be like them, coveting what they couldn’t caress.

Coal and cotton were products to create a nation but they didn’t color your day with sunshine the way she did.

Smiling absently, he recalled how his heart had beaten a wild cacophony when he’d first spied her.

He was one in the column of migrant workers but as she called out to the can do foreman, raising a hand to cover her deep brown eyes encircled by a vivid green corona he’d been lost.

Lifting the cart, Marty sighed; hopefully he’d never be found.

Wordle 462

© Deb Whittam 2020